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Overview of our services

As an experienced service provider of individual software development in the field of AR, MR and VR we have been helping our clients and partners to overcome the challenges that occur during the process of developing a complete application since 2010. Therefore, we offer

  • Dialogue on the topics of Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality
  • Support during planning and conception of individual solutions
  • Organisation and supply of the necessary resources and components (hardware, media-contents, technology licenses, etc.)
  • Adequate, professional development, supported by an established network of specialists
  • QA and project management beyond publication of the app
  • Experience and creativity in order to further develop and optimize existing processes in the context of innovative technologies
Augmented RealityVirtual RealityNew Media Content
Services like Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality

  • Context relevance, easy access and intuitive interaction with all data
  • Presentations of information via multimedia
  • Innovative communication channel for the communication with clients and marketing of the products
  • High-quality visual processing of complex coherences
  • Link between digital and analogue worlds
  • Location and time zones independent tools for individualized further education and training
  • Important component of digitization / virtualization of business processes
Services like Virtual Reality

  • Virtual relocations, playful interaction with digitalised contents and virtual surroundings
  • Technology and framework for innovative collaboration solutions
  • Cost efficient and risk reduced surroundings for further education and trainings scenarios with a high degree of realism
  • Qualified tool for the preview of virtualised objects, scenes or locations
  • Gamification options for a variety of purposes
  • Important component of digitization / virtualization of business processes
Services like 2D and 3D realtime ready content

  • Virtual representation of real contents
  • Appealing addition of classic content formats (text, audio, film) in the form of 360° panoramas and 3D models (CGI)
  • Reuse and multiple application possibilities across all digital channels
  • 3D models and animations as a basis for understandable processing of complex relationships in AR, MR and VR apps
  • Basis for interactive preparation and gamification in the context of real-time applications
  • High quality presentation for marketing and sales channels
  • Important component of digitization / virtualization of business processes