Agency for AR, MR and VR app development

As a specialized agency we have been planning, developing and maintaining individual solutions for innovative Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR) scenarios of our clients and partners since 2010. As a Full-Service agency we also offer content creation (e.g. 3D models and animations, 360° panoramic videos etc.) for the depiction of real time applications on mobile terminal devices and desktop-systems.

Agency / developer for Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality
Real environment and virtual extension

Augmented Reality (AR/MR)

AR apps link the real and virtual world together. Digital 2D graphics, 3D models, abstract information and inaccessible database entries find their way back into our everyday life and the context of the real environment. Innovative marketing, increased productivity, risk minimization during the work day of the staff, modern communication of knowledge – this and many more is possible in the augmented reality.

Dive in and enjoy

Virtual Reality (VR)

VR Apps make travelling through time and space possible (in a virtual way). Digitalized environments can be visited independently from their location; fantastic worlds can be playfully explored. Alone or via the Multi-User approach, virtual scenarios invite their visitors to be amazed and join in. The application of Virtual Reality offers innovative ways to explore scenarios anew – as an entertainment product, marketing event, training platform, etc.

Agency / developer for Virtual Reality
Agency / developer for realtime 2D and 3D content like models, animations, textures.
New media formats made easy

Content (2D/3D/360°)

AR, MR and VR Applications contain virtual contents that can be explored three-dimensionally and used interactively. Contents for real time mobile terminal applications, may they be complex, animated 3D models, 360° panorama shots or clean 3D vector graphics, have to make the grade for many technical preconditions. The content also needs to be strictly planned, realized and integrated throughout the whole process of development. A job for specialists!


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