Apple ARKit

What is ARKit?

The ARKit is Apple’s new technology solution for AR Applications. ARKit was annonced by Apple at the WWDC in 2017 and published as new part of the iOS 11 for recent iPhones and iPads. Up until that, developers had access of a new Beta Version of iOS 11 and ARKit and were able to create demo applications. “Finding horizontal surfaces like the floor or a table surface“, “placement of virtual objects in real size” and “creating lighting of virtual objects based on real environment light conditions” are some of the new features.

Announcement of ARKit (WWDC 2017)

Wingnut AR Demo

ARKit was announced by Apple at the WWDC 2017 as future part of iOS (coming pu: autumn 2017 with iOS 11) and introduced on the basis of some demos. The video shows an ARKit Demo with Unreal-Engine presented as a AR game.

Applications / Demos with ARKit of various developers

ARKit Demo by Laan Labs

AR Measure App

Measuring of rooms made easy! The ARKit, as the first basic technology ever, offers an “out of the box” solution in order to scale sizes of virtual additions (e.g. 3D models) in relation to the real environment (without needing tracking markers, depth sensors or two front cameras). The project “tape measure” ( shows how accurately the size relation can be matched and the virtual tape measure used compared to a real one.