Picture showing Microsoft HoloLens, used with permission from Microsoft

Microsoft HoloLens

What is HoloLens?

The Microsoft HoloLens is a Mixed Reality/Augmented Reality Headset (details on the definition of Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality) with very specific functions to super-impose the user’s view. HoloLens was introduced at the Windows-10-Event in Redmond on the 21. January 2015. The hardware allows its user to look through a visor into their real environment and insert semi-transparent visual additions, so called holograms. Those are fixated to a position in the real environment. Simple 2D images and depictions of web browser or office surfaces like Word and Excel, but also animated 3D models can be integrated. The user can interact with the content via gesture, gaze or voice control and read information him- or herself or create and share information in the Multi-User function according to the application (Collaborative Experience).

A basic HoloLens function is the reconstruction of the environment in real time. The device uses its various optical and non-optical sensors and creates the space in which the user is moving. If the device already knows a space, existing virtual additions can be shown, saved and reloaded at another time.

Announcement of the Microsoft HoloLens (2015)

HoloLens publication

The HoloLens was announced during the Microsoft Windows 10 presentation (21.01.2015) as the “Device of the future” and introduced on a few demos. In the video, the possibilities and selected fields of application of the technology platform are introduced and the vision of the new Hardware and Software platform will be explained.

Apps for the Hololens created by various developers

HoloLens-App by Microsoft

RoboRaid - Mixed Reality Gaming

RoboRaid makes the user the defender of his or her living room. The app uses the knowledge of the environment and creates holograms in the form of attacking robots on the real walls. Via finger gesturing and voice control, the gamer tries to destroy the invaders. An exiting game to show how hands-free Mixed Reality platforms can be used for entertainment.