“uniTFT AR” App

The publication of the new uniTFT display from Electronic Assembly was accompanied by an Augmented Reality App. In the app, the uniTFT display can be viewed as a 3D model and films and components of the display can be discovered in an innovative way.

Discover the new uniTFT display with AR


The 3D model of the uniTFT floats above the flyer

If you align your smartphone or tablet with the uniTFT app on the AR marker, the printed product transforms into a 3D model and jumps out of the display. The interactive 3D model then hovers in real size over the AR marker. The user does not have to focus the AR marker for a longer time, the digital content is displayed even if the AR marker is no longer in the field of view of the camera.

The app has three interactive buttons in the menu of the display: uniTFT movie, hardware and software.

Controls for navigating the 3D model and uniTFT movie


uniTFT movie: An animated movie introduces the uniTFT display

The 3D model of the display can be freely rotated around its own axis. Buttons on the top right allow you to reset to the front or rear view. With the pinch gesture it’s possible to zoom closer to the 3D model.

The first menu item “uniTFT-Film” plays a good two-minute, animated film. In a humorous way, the film should explain the possibilities of the product.

AR Highlight: “Hardware”


Hardware: Front view of the uniTFT with floating button of the components

In the Hardware view, interactive buttons are displayed. These stand for the individual components and point to the respective area where the element is installed. If you click on the button, the component flashes and the main features of the component are displayed.


Hardware: Backside with display and detailed information about the components

On the back of the display a variety of components are installed and the respective additional information can be retrieved.



Software: Six short films about the special features of the uniTFT display

The uniTFT is a versatile product. In six short films some possibilities of the editor are highlighted.